Lovina Villa Panoramas

(Pictures shot in 2006)
Panoramas from a villa in Lovina, shot during twilight. This villa is owned by a friend of mine, and has plenty of luxury, like the Plasma TV, the Broadband Internet Satellite system, a remote controlled Bose surround sound system all around the villa, even in the little beach Bale.

The villa is has been sold, you can take a look here: Lovina Villa for Sale. The pictures on that site are a bit older then the ones you see now...

If you look up in the darker Panoramas, you can see some stars

..... The links to the panorama's open a new window or tab. Panoramas are mobile friendly.

Villa just before Dark

The Villa just before darkness sets in

Open: View The Villa Panorama

The Pool right at the beach.

The Pool right at the beach.

Open: View The Pool Panorama

Interior Villa Panorama

Interior Villa Panorama

Open: View Interior Villa Panorama

Nice Villa Lighting

Nice Villa Lighting

Open: View Villa Lighting Panorama

The Pier, like a runway

The Pier, like a runway to Heaven

Open: View The Pier, Panorama

Villa Garden in the Night

Garden and Guest House

Open: View Garden and Guest House, Panorama

Bali Villa Kitchen

Villa Kitchen

Open: View Villa Kitchen, Panorama

Beach Bali in the Night

Beach Bale in the Night

Open: View Beach Bale, Panorama

Bathroom with Jacuzzi

Bathroom with Jacuzzi

Open: View Bathroom, Panorama


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