Various Panorama's, Bali, Indonesia

Here you find some panorama's made in late December of 2005 and early January of 2006. These panorama's were made around the area of Singaraja, North Bali, Indonesia, mainly for equipment testing purposes.

The links to the panorama's open a new window or tab. Panoramas are mobile friendly.

Balinese Shop Toko di Singaraja

Toko Panorama

Open: View Toko Panorama

Balinese Garden Taman di Singaraja

Night Garden Panorama

Open: View Night Garden Panorama

between two showers, raining season in Bali

Between Two Showers, Raining Season in Bali

Open: View Between Two Showers Panorama

On a Bridge, raining season in Bali

On a Bridge, Raining Season in Bali

Open: View On a Bridge Panorama

Beach Toko, raining season in Bali

Beach Toko, Raining Season in Bali

Open: Beach Toko, Panorama


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