Singaraja Panorama Page

(Pictures shot in 2006)
Panorama's from Singaraja, the former capital of Bali. Shot on January 19th 2006. Besides some panorama's from the Chinese temple in Singaraja you find also a panorama that is almost surrealistic, from an unfinished monument.

The links to the panorama's open a new window or tab. Panoramas are mobile friendly.

Bullrace Statue Singaraja

Bullrace Statue Panorama

Open: View Bullrace in Panorama

Ocean Statue Singaraja

Ocean Statue Panorama

Open: View Ocean Statue Panorama

Chinese Temple Entrance Singaraja

Chinese Temple Entrance Singaraja Panorama

Open: View Chinese Temple Entrance Panorama

Chinese Temple Singaraja

Chinese Temple Singaraja, Bali

Open: View Chinese Temple Panorama

Chinese Temple Inside

Chinese Temple Inside, Singaraja Bali

Open: View Chinese Temple Inside Panorama

Singaraja Statue

Singaraja Statue, Bali

Open: View Singaraja Statue Panorama

Mysterious Statues

Mysterious Statues, Singaraja Bali

Open: View Mysterious Statues Panorama

People at the Beach

People at the Beach, Singaraja Bali

Open: View People at the Beach Panorama


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