Kuta Beach, South Bali

(Pictures shot in 2006)
There are not many tourists that come to Bali and have not seen Kuta Beach. It was for me the first place to visit when I came to Bali. I was overwhelmed by the beach hawkers, and I wondered what this island really was about. This was six years ago. At the time I shot these panoramas of Kuta Beach (april 2006), things seemed a bit more relaxed, I found the atmosphere rather friendly.

Kuta Beach has a turbulent history. It changed from a small village, to a popular destination for hippies and backpackers in the 70's and 80's, and then to a tourist ghetto. And finally the Bali Bombing in 2002 changed the idea about Bali and Kuta for good.

It's Kuta Beach where poor and rich meet and the differences are sometimes very noticable. Kuta Beach may also be the place where you see the cultural changes caused by the tourist industry, long shopping streets and allmost strangled in, somewhere, some signs of the traditional Hindu religion and its practises.

Still, people on "the inside" of Kuta say that the traditional ways have not disappeared and strongly present, just pushed a bit to the back.

Also on this page a panorama of a restaurant / hotel in Tuban, named Ma Joly, a bit west of Kuta Beach, and an impression of a Chinese Buddhist temple in Kuta, Vihara Buddha Kuta.

The links to the panorama's open a new window or tab. Panoramas are mobile friendly.

Kuta Beach Surfboards

Kuta Beach Surfboards

Open: Kuta Beach Surfboards Panorama

Kuta Beach McD

Kuta Beach McDonalds

Open: Kuta Beach McDonalds Panorama 1623 kb

Relaxed Kuta Beach

Relaxed Kuta Beach

Open: Relaxed Kuta Beach Panorama

Ma Joly Tuban

Ma Joly Tuban

Open: Ma Joly Tuban Panorama

Vihara Buddha Kuta

Vihara Buddha Temple Kuta

Open: Vihara Buddha Temple Kuta Panorama


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